Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Health Benefits of Saffron

Health Benefits of Saffron You Didn’t Know Yet

1. Anti-Depressant : The active components in saffron make it an effective spice that makes your body to relax, thus relieving depression.

2. Improves Digestion : Saffron is also considered excellent for digestion and is also a superb anti-convulsant.

3. Cell Repair and Formation : The potassium present in the saffron helps in forming cells and repairing them.

4. Cures Blood Pressure and Heart Disease : Saffron also prevents heart disease and curbs blood pressure as it is rich in potassium.

5. Menstrual Cramps : Women often use saffron as a remedy for curing for menstrual cramps and pre-menstrual syndrome.

6. Saffron for Respiratory Problems : Saffron is also an excellent spice for pacifying the problems of asthma, pertussis, cough, and to loosen phlegm.

7. Cures Insomnia : Before going to bed, drink warm milk mixed with a few strands of saffron to get good sleep. It is believed that saffron has sedative properties that can treat insomnia.

8. Reduces Gum Soreness : Massaging the gums with saffron can curb down the problem of inflammation and soreness in gums, tongue and mouth.

9. Improves Vision : Notably, saffron has also proved beneficial in curing eye-sight and cataract.

10. Cures Arthritis : Saffron has also said to be effectual in curing arthritis and joint pains because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It also eases fatigue and muscle inflammation.

11. Provides Relief from Acidity : Saffron also alleviates the troubles of acidity and gastric disorders.

12. Prevents Risk of Cancer : The anti-cancer properties of saffron prevent certain types of cancers to develop in the body.

13. Curtails Cholesterol : Saffron is believed to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the body.

14. Promotes Memory Retention : Saffron contains certain compounds that help in promoting memory retention, learning, and recall capability of a person. It also assists in curing the problems of age related cerebral impairment.

15. Fever : Saffron consists of a compound, known as ‘crocin’, which helps in plummeting the fever.

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